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We offer male chest, back, underarm, and nostril waxing at all our salons, and we now offer male intimate waxing treatments at our Chapel Allerton salon. Our therapists are complete professionals who wax all day, every day, so you are guaranteed the most comfortable treatment with perfect results every time. 


What’s the difference in the treatments?

A male Hollywood will remove all hair from the front, back and underneath leaving you completely hair free down there. This means all hair removed from the pubic bone, penis & scrotum, and butt crack.


The Brazilian treatment is the same as the Hollywood but will leave hair on the pubic bone (which can be trimmed/groomed to your preference).


We also offer what’s known as the ‘Extended Speedo’ wax, this removes unwanted hair from the top & crease of the legs, and around the pubic triangle.


A buttocks wax can be added to any of the above options if you’d like that doing too. 


Isn’t it going to be a bit embarrassing?

Not at all! Our therapists are total professionals and very experienced, they’ve seen it all before. Our salons are discreet and if you'd prefer, you can request a silent appointment so our therapist won't strike up a conversation with you after the initial consultation. 


Will I need to remove my underwear?

Yes if you’re wanting a Hollywood or Brazilian then you’ll need to remove your boxers. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this then the Extended Speedo wax can be done without you having to take underwear off. 


Does it hurt?

If it’s your first time waxing then we can't promise it’ll be completely pain free. But our technique, our training and our expertise means it'll be the most comfortable wax you can get. Because waxing is all we do, we're good at it - really good at it. Any pain experienced will typically last just seconds while the wax is removed. The more regularly you wax, the more comfortable it becomes. If you’re really worried about the pain or have a particularly low pain threshold, then we recommend taking a couple of painkillers (if it’s safe for you to do so), around 40 minutes before your appointment. 


What should I do to prepare for the appointment?

Firstly, you’ll need around 3-4 weeks of hair growth for your appointment so please don’t shave or trim beforehand. We recommend regular exfoliating in the run up to your appointment and please, if possible, come to your appointment freshly showered.


What happens after my appointment?

Your therapist will discuss specific after-care advice with you after the appointment and can also advise on additional products which can be purchased in the salon to maintain the results of your wax and avoid ingrown hairs. 

To reduce the risk of any infection or irritation we strongly advise against going to the gym, swimming pool or sauna for 24 hours after your appointment, and to wear loose fitting underwear to allow the skin to breathe. 

Our therapists are complete professionals and are entitled to work in an environment in which they feel safe, respected and able to perform treatments effectively.

Any form of indecency, abuse, or inappropriate behaviour or comments will not be tolerated; therapists reserve the right to terminate treatments with full payment being taken and/or police being alerted if necessary. 

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