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We are trusted by mammas-to-be in all stages of pregnancy for their waxing. We know first-hand that as your bump gets bigger, it's hard to see what's even going on down there - let alone having the extra stress of keeping it all neat-and-tidy as your due date approaches.

Our salons are all equipped with the highest-quality treatment beds which can be adjusted to support tummies of all sizes (as well as the sorest backs!). We've rounded up some of the most commonly asked questions we get from pregnant clients, if there’s something else you'd like to know then please get in touch.


I've a had a bad waxing experience in the past, will it happen again?

No, not with us! All our therapists have years of experience waxing pregnant clients and we only use a premium quality hot wax which is much gentler on the skin than strip waxing. 

Will pregnancy hormones mean that it will hurt more?

During pregnancy there is more blood flowing to the surface so it can result in waxing being a little bit more uncomfortable, clients in the past have likened it to being waxed while on their period so it's really not that much different. Please don't let the thought of the pain of the wax put you off, we can guarantee it's never as bad as you think.

I'm a bit embarrassed. Everything's changed down there, nothing looks the same.

To you everything might seem a bit different, but rest-assured we've seen it all before and our therapists are complete professionals. Many of us have been pregnant ourselves so we do understand the embarrassment, but really - there's no need! All we want is for you to feel as comfortable as possible.

I have piles, can I still get waxed?

Piles are one of the most common pregnancy symptoms, so we see them a lot. It's still totally fine to get a wax, we're skilled in waxing around them.

I'm getting to the latter stages of pregnancy and don't enjoy lying flat anymore.

We always prop up heavily pregnant clients. If you are in the earlier/mid stages and would prefer to be propped up, then just let your therapist know. 

I'd like the appointment as close to my due date as possible?

Yes of course, this isn't a problem. We can wax right up until your due date, you might want to try and schedule no less than a week before though so you don't get caught out. 

How long will the wax take?

We do allow extra time for pregnant clients but this is primarily to ensure you're not rushed. Typically, you'll be on-and-off the bed in 30 minutes.

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